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Chicago: A Journey Through Life
is a beautiful and poignant collection of short stories in which Sonya Thompson reflects on her life and how the Holy Spirit has guided her and kept her throughout every trial and triumph. Being a woman devout in her Christian faith and sensitive to the workings of God, Sonya seamlessly weaves spiritual lessons and sentiments into each story, whether it’s a funny and heartfelt snippet from her childhood or a devastating tragedy that demonstrates the transience of our time on this earth.

Sonya’s book is the perfect collection to curl up with on a relaxing afternoon, to read as a family or with friends, or even to incorporate in Bible study. As readers travel with Sonya through her life, they will experience all the pain, love, and laughter that she has experienced and find a piece of themselves in every story. Above all, they will see that through every circumstance, God is faithful and He provides.

Buckle up, get comfortable, and join Sonya through all of life’s smooth simplicity and rocky revelations in Chicago: A Journey Through Life.

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