About the Book

About the Book


Sonya Thompson has compiled true stories of her life into her debut book, Chicago: A Journey Through Life. It begins in her early childhood, where we learn about her experience growing up on a military base. As the stories progress, Sonya vividly displays the laughter, pain, and shocking situations of a teenager, a young adult in college, a soldier in combat training, and a professional in the educational and financial services arenas.

With the addition of thought-provoking social issues such as segregation and the Vietnam War, Sonya doesn’t forget to give all credit to God for pulling her through every rough circumstance and for providing her with every wonderful memory as well. Not only does Chicago provide captivating stories to entertain every reader, but it also gives a powerful lesson in the faith that Sonya can always lean on.

Watch the video book trailer for Chicago: A Journey Through Life!

Chicago: A Journey Through Life Video Trailer

Hey everyone! Here is the Video Book Trailer for my upcoming book, Chicago: A Journey Through Life.

Posted by Sonya Thompson on Friday, May 5, 2017


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