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Reviews & Praise

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Kirkus Review

“Beautiful memories are the catalysts for faith and hope. All too often, our personal worlds of people, ideas, and experiences are held captive to our own imagination. Sonya opens the door to her personal experiences of faith, miracles, and discoveries. Her journey will awaken your own personal memories and stir confidence. It is simple but profound in its treatment of some very complex human dramas. Read it with expectation and enjoy the journey.”

Bishop Kirby Clements Sr.

Community of the Holy Spirit

“As you submerge yourself in this collection of life reflections, you will see throughout Sonya’s life she had to reach out to God and rely on Him for help. God has proven He is faithful in guiding Sonya through disappointments, facing her fears, applying her faith, and developing her prayer life.

This book provides candid insight into some of the most memorable and impactful events of Sonya’s life—events, undoubtedly, that have shaped her into to the successful person she is today. Chicago: A Journey Through Life vividly engages the reader to the point one will feel that they were actually there. As you embark upon this journey with Sonya, I encourage you to reflect on your own journey in all the ways God has brought you through.”

Dr. Michael Mitchell

Founder and senior pastor of Restoration Ministries in Augusta, Georgia

“Chicago:  A Journey Through Life, by Sonya Thompson, is an entertaining, easy read about specific moments in the author’s life where God’s presence was most evident.  These true accounts from the author’s childhood, adolescent years, years of service in the military and adulthood, mirrored the prophet Isaiah’s writings from the old testament – “Be strong, do not fear; your God will come.  He will come with vengeance; with divine retribution.  He will come to save you.”  Thompson uses her spiritual biographical sketch, to remind the reader of the presence of the Holy Spirit in every part of our being, even when it seems as though we are alone.

The common theme is “God as our refuge and strength.”  Quite certainly, the author makes several reference to support this point.  Her faith remained strong even in the midst of situations where the outcome seemed bleak.  She mentions accounts of spiritual beings manifesting themselves in human form to rescue her from physical harm, occurrences where her Christian walk was a little “shaky,” as well as moments that were too happenstance to be defined by logic-all told in a light, reflective and charming manner.

I truly enjoyed travelling with the author through these special moments in her life and the lives of the people close to her.  It is a must read for anyone who struggles to find Christ in the everyday joys and pains and a much needed reminder of God’s undying love and never ending presence in our lives.”

Carolyn King-Stephens, Ed.D

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